Paşaeli is a family owned estate that was founded by Seyit Karagözoğlu in 2000. Recognizing the potential of Kaynaklar (near Izmir) as an area of exceptional viticultural promise, and with the help of an Italian based friend and consultant Andrea Paoletti, he took on the challenge. After careful site studies and mapping, the appropriate rootstocks and varieties (with appropriate clones) were chosen and a vineyard was planted in March of 2002. Serez vineyard is located 20 km from İzmir. Its warm Aegean climate is balanced with cool night airs that are chanelled from near by Nif Mountain. It is a site that is perfectly suited to big Bordeaux style wines. The wines reflect the terroir that is Kaynaklar, the warm Aegean climate delivering rich, mature fruit with ripe rounded tannins. Paşaeli wines emphasize fruit intensity, and balance. Lush and enticing upon release, they will age well for a number of years and will continue to develop complexity with cellaring.


Seyit Karagözoğlu also believes strongly in the potential of indigenous varieties of Turkey.  So for the next challenge Hoşköy (near Tekirdağ)  was selected, as its potential for the production of wines of noteworthy quality was well known for many years. And various indigenous varieties have existed there for centuries. After many site studies an exceptional site was purchased. Plantation started in 2003 and continued in 2004 and 2005. This terroir delivers delicious wines that are balanced, and complex but also elegant. They too will age well for many years.


Our goal is to “grow” our wines in the vineyards by producing fruit of the highest quality. Every effort is made to increase flavor and quality of the fruit through continuous monitoring, and careful viticultural management.

Seyit Karagözoğlu

Seyit Karagözoğlu, who was born and raised in İzmir appreciated the value of agriculture at an early age owing to the fact that his family was involved in leaf tobacco business. Having studied high school in Switzerland and university in USA he then worked at several companies in England and Turkey. During these years wine had become his passion. He then decided to make his passion his business and in 1993 he founded his own company to import wines. During the years he had the chance to learn details of grape growing and wine making through the companies he worked/imported from and decided to produce his own wine. After all, soil and climate of Turkey was ideal for growing high quality grapes.

Andrea Paoletti

Following his education on winemaking and viticulture at University of Florence our consultant Andrea Paoletti worked at reputed Antinori firm for 15 years. Later, he founded his own consultancy company in 1995. Today, he is one of the most important consultants of Italy. Furthermore, he has been producing a top quality “Super Tuscan” wine called Rancore since 2003 from the grapes he cultivates in his own vineyard.

“My wish was to make high quality wines in limited amounts from the quality grapes growing in our own vineyards. However, when I made the decision of producing my own wine in year 2000, I was in a dilemma. In my opinion, the future of Turkish wine industry should have rested on indigenous grape varieties as well as international ones.

But, the rootstocks produced locally were not adequate and moreover no clonal selection had been made for any of the indigenous varieties and there were many virused materials on the market.

Firstly I had to plant my own vineyard with imported vines of international varieties grafted with clones suitable to quality production and over time, enlarge my planting area by adding some interesting indigenous varieties. We planted our Kaynaklar and Hoşköy vineyards within the framework of these ideas.”

Seyit Karagözoğlu